Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Young Adult books Come and Go

Okay, you know the problem I have with young adult books?
Neither do I, except there are so many and I no longer have a young adult around reading such books.  That means I have to go into the library and get my own.
I mean, I don't pretend I'm checking them out for my kids.  YA books have great stories.
Right, that's today and this is all about books past and so I have to go back to when my daughter got me into reading young adult fantasy.  (Okay, we're pretending here that I stopped reading it on my own)(At least she introduced me to some new things)(Alright, alright, I have no excuses)
It didn't last long, don't worry. 
I mean… it didn't last long for her, she was soon into John Grisham, leaving me to fend for myself.
Which books were they, you ask?
Yes, teen twin witches.
A really great young adult series.
A really, really, really great series, great storytelling, great characters.
And do you want to know what the problem with the series was?
Disney made it into a movie.
They  trashed the whole series. 
Made me physically sick.
Every time I look at the books (yes, they are on my shelves) I get a flashback sick feeling.
At least I got the rant out of the way in the beginning of the blog this time.

T'Witches. Bk 1 - The Power of Two. 2001 by H.B.Gilmour & Randi Reisfeld, published by Scholastic
Think Parent Trap for witches but with a hundred more things going on… kind of without the parents. (and without Disney)
A young teenage soccer player from a nice eastcoast school hears voices and has visions, Camryn Barnes, with mojo.  Great parents, great house, great friends, everything is nice in her life.  Although sometimes she thinks she's going crazy.
Then there's Alexandra Nicole Fielding living in a rusting trailer on poverty's edge, with her mom, and dreaming about getting a real life out in the world.  She works in a cowboy theme park… things tend to fly when she's upset.
Of course you see where this is going.
Girl meets girl and things go sideways.
They're only fourteen years old so there are no hunky werewolves coming onto the scene or vampires for that matter.  This is all about witches and their secret society.  They live in the human world and separate.
Later in the series there may be a hunky witch boy or two so don't worry, if you get into it…
This isn't only about sisters finding they've been separated just after birth (although obviously that's a huge part of it).  It's about power and politics and trust and betrayal, love and faith, the kind of things that teens are learning about in real life.  It's about family and friends and looking for answers and making mistakes… then learning how to deal with them.
It's a ten book series… I think only ten books… sorry, uncertainty rules here.  But it's a cohesive story with a delightful set of characters.
Smuggled away from their home after they were born they were separated to keep them safe from an evil uncle.  Talismans of power, gifts of their father, stayed with them and later take an active part of their lives.  Left alone for the sake of security the twins are watched over by good witches and hunted for by the bad.
Cam and Alex need to uncover the secrets of their past and do so… in that gradual way that makes for a certain level of suspense.
If I remember correctly the authors did a good job of creating those you don't want to open that door type of moments.  Or don't trust him, Cam, don't listen, Alex.
There was plenty of depth to the story and I was kept interested.
I just reread the entire series about three years ago so my recommendation stands.
I still have this problem about giving things away in the stories I'm talking about… I want you to read them and find the little hidden things.
Of course that means…
Never mind.

Anyway to close out this blog today I wanted to say I just published the Smashwords edition of book three of my - The Merged Worlds series - Pepper's Magic.
I don't know if I ever said I published the first two with smashwords, but, I did.

I hope you'll check them out.  They may not have twins but they do have witches, vampires, werewolves, ghosts and more…

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