Monday, October 22, 2012

Trying Hard not to Slack

It's been some time since I wrote my last entry and the way things are going I have no idea of when another will be posted.  I can only hope that things are going to fall into a pattern soon.
I noticed that my last blog only mentioned three of the books I've published on but at this point I have six books available there… all of  The Merged Worlds series (not the end of the series, yet).  I'll list them at the end of this entry, along with addresses and a 50% off code for the first two.
So, to business…
No.  One more thing before I knuckle down to a blog (probably why I haven't made an entry - I get distracted).  I joined up with the Year Of The Book at my library.  There I was, using one of their computers to go online (oh, another thing, my keypad on my laptop… it got ruined… the connection to the motherboard.  So, my laptop is no longer portable or, if so, is a kind of ghetto thing with a keyboard wider than the computer).  Anyway, I was minding my own business… and this really nice lady comes and twists my arm, threatening me with friendliness, telling me I need to join and write a book in a year.  There was a meeting the same day, a few hours hence, and they'd all started on Labor Day... I had to read...
So, now I'm writing a book… in a year.  I can do that.  No problem.
Business… this is a blog of books past.  Books that inspired me or simply carried me away to a world I'd never heard of before.  (Yes, the premise of this blog is evolving)
One of my favorite authors -  Tara K. Harper.  WOLFWALKER.  1990
A Del Rey book under Ballantine Publishers.
Talk about getting carried away in the first page… geez…
Ember Dione maMarin - Wolfwalker and healer.  She has a psychic connection to a wolf, Gray Hishn.
If you like action, adventure, and a world created with greater depth than the one you live in, this is the book and series for you.  Ms. Harper bio-engineered an entire world and culture that will fascinate you and keep you guessing and wanting to know more.  And that's only the background.  The characters are strong and moving and their growth through the perils that they face makes you want to know them… or help them.
It's a straight enough story (every story is) but the complications of the world and politics makes it all the more gripping.
I could say that Ember sets out with her twin brother, Rhom, on a journey that is like a coming of age challenge for Rhom.  Destiny casts a vote and Ember must go with him. Then… things get crazy from there… (remember, I don't like giving things away)
There's a parallel story line initially when Aranur Bentar neDannon, weaponsmaster, goes in pursuit of his sister, when she's captured by slavers…
Yes, it's one of those books.  A great one…
It's a thrill ride… the thrills are all in the adventure and the discoveries that you make as a reader (so I shan't tell you of any). 
In the tradition of Andre Norton and Anne McCaffrey, Ms. Harper spins a tale that grabs you and shows you things you never expected to find.
I have ten of Ms. Harper's books in front of me.  I'm not sure if she has more.  Seven of them, I think, are of the Wolfwalker series.  Two are great cats and the other looks like science fiction from the cover.  That's called LIGHTWINGS and while I know I read it, I'm waiting for an opportune moment to open the pages and test myself.
For once, I checked out her bio site, finding it a little less than current, and Tara sounds like a great person, with energy and imagination. 
Where am I going to find time to read all ten books, though? 

Anyway, at the top, I said I'd list my books and here they are. 

Too Much Magic -   50% discount code is DA93E  valid thru 1/30/13
Vampire's Magic -  50% discount code is DF36Z valid thru 1/30/13
Pepper's Magic -
Artificial Magic -
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coming soon:
Timely Magic